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They offer a massive knowledge base that’ll allow you to learn anything you want about VPS hosting, they also have a great customer support team that can be reached by telephone, email, or live chat available 24/7 to help you out with any questions or issues. Namecheap VPS Hosting refers to the partitioning of a physical server into multiple ones. You buy hosting from a provider. Proudly Offer 100% Uptime on Cloud Hosting. One advantage of cloud hosting is that you can add more virtual server resources to your website as your traffic grows. You can see your transaction in that public ledger. Bricks and mortar bookstores, and supermarkets even more so, generally need to see a good track record before they get behind things, and it can take a while to build up a wider readership. I recommend choosing the cheapest $9.95/mo plan with a 3-year subscription, so you can take advantage of the introductory discount for longer. Fortunately, there is now an online coupon site that focuses on small business owners an opportunity to create a strategic online discount coupon.

The Grin article rather seems to prove the maxim that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, since I’ve never seen my books discussed so widely on the internet as they were in the wake of being pasted in that article, and for everyone decrying them as evil filth there were ten or twenty saying they were intrigued and would have to pick them up now. Certainly the books did better with online retailers to begin with, but I think that’s probably just part of the natural development of an author, really, unless you’re one of the rare few who comes out with a big fanfare and a lot of marketing and expectation (which can have its own downsides). I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to your next novel. Sometimes if you make these things public they tend to take on a momentum of their own, and I’m still working out exactly what this book’s going to be. This will take you to a screen to specify a few different parameters you’ll need to create your website. I’ve also written a short story involving one of the characters from my forthcoming book, which I hope will find its way into an anthology featuring a few other well-known (and better known) fantasy authors, but I won’t let the cat out of the bag.

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For me, there are still a lot of long-established writers, and honestly a fair few newer writers, still shifting an awful lot of units of relatively traditional fantasy. It’s a fantasy western, basically, in the same way that Best Served Cold was a fantasy gangster revenge story and The Heroes is a fantasy war story. That’s very true. I wrote another short story linked to The Heroes which appeared in a Waterstones special edition in the UK, and I believe that’s going to be made more generally available in one format or another at some point. With The Heroes it felt like a lot of things fell into place simultaneously – it got a lot of marketing and publicity support from my publisher, a lot of support from Amazon and Waterstones, who are the main brick and mortar store in the UK, and even a big push in Asda, a UK supermarket chain, which is nice to see because supermarkets don’t stock much fantasy and you can potentially sell a lot of books there to people you might otherwise never reach.

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My reaction whenever my books get talked about in pretty much any way is usually woot. The less hyperbolic and politically charged argument that there’s too much cynicism in fantasy and where’s the heroism and the wonder gone? How do you see heroism in epic fantasy? When you see generic blogger X apply the term gritty or subversive to your work, what is your reaction? Generic Blogger X is actually a really good name for a genre blog, I’ll have to check their stuff out. People all around the world love cars, most people like driving, in European countries people obviously like to drive too, if you are bored and also tired of dealing with a lot of traffic, closed roads, and stuff like that, then you should try getting help from a good internet mapping service, most online mapping websites have advanced route builders that help drivers save a lot of time, and also money. Release wise, it’s looking like summer/autumn 2012 and I’d very much hope to hit a date around then but, as usual, I reserve the right to miss it utterly. It’s a Tarantino Good, Bad, Ugly, it’s a Guillermo del Toro Lonesome Dove, it’s an Ingmar Bergman The Searchers.

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